Travelling along miles long of palms fringed sandy white beach facing the Indian Ocean.
The ever changing palette of the Indian Ocean hues of blue in one side and the luxurian shades of the greens and browns colors Africa on the other side.

Here life goes by the pace of the sun, the sound of the waves blasting the turf and the notes of the wind whispering
through the long palm leaves, perfect harmony for everyone wishing to forget the rush and the noise of the modern life.
Lie down and enjoy peace and tranquillity or explore the nearby areas.



We are a beautiful and little resort with 11 fully furnished rooms all provided with air conditioning and WIFI situated right on the amazing beach.

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We are situated on the North East coast of the famous Zanzibar Island in small village called Pwani Mchangani (only 45 minutes drive from Stone Town).

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On the beach you can enjoy a long walking, relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing, paddle-bording, watersports… and much more!


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About Zanzibar

Indulge yourself in the true beauty that is Zanzibar, from the white sand beaches
and turquoise oceans to the diversity of Stone Town where most of the buildings
date back more than 150 years.

You will see many bazaars, curio shops, stunning architecture and stores
selling souvenirs and not forgetting Marahubi, where you will see Palace Ruins
and Persian Baths built by Sultans in the 1800’s.
Stone Town highlights the Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences
on this vibrant city and is both interesting and enjoyable to any novice.